LOCAL MOTIV3S: Locally Motivated by Minneapolis Music

Updated: May 15, 2020

LOCAL MOTIV3S is an event-based upon the past majority of word of mouth dance music events that have occupied the 7th St. Entry, the Record Room, and the Mainroom of First Avenue backdating over the last three decades. Keeping the local talent enlisted for this showcase of underground DJs and producers spinning a collectively intertwined lineup of sub-genres from house music to electro, trap, and dubstep.

As a local Minneapolis music marketing agency and public relations network designed to assist artists and industry professionals in the cultivation of their creative careers, we provide our clients with alternative resources to professionally construct their careers such as digital marketing services, graphic design services, press, and media coverage. With determination, Turntable Talks has taken on a side project under the event alias, LOCAL MOTIV3S, a showcase of up and coming EDM artists that occurred this past Monday in the 7th St. Entry at First Avenue, where A lineup of DJs and producers kicked off the first installment of this event series, an electronic dance music night curated to not only provide artists and industry professionals with a networking platform to achieve career development services but also, provide those with a physical platform to showcase their craft.

As a nostalgically historic punk, rock aesthetic radiated throughout the intimate capacity venue of 250 people, the 7th St. Entry’s dark, grunge ambiance illuminated the venue, where nothing but resonating whispers of the past techno and house music dance nights that once held residency in one of the three rooms of First Avenue & 7th St. Entry over the years. Where electronic dance music was first introduced to nightclubs in the Twin Cities, Our lineup of performing artists took to the historic tabletops.

featured performing DJs and producers dominating the local electronic dance music community echoed their modernistic sounds of Dance music that have come into being since the birth of the techno and house music scene in the Twin Cities. While paying homage to the influence of EDM artists and local promoters throughout the Midwest who continue to achieve the support of First Avenue Productions, we are grateful to have provided our lineup of local artists with the same platform in which motivated the very EDM promoters hosting our favorite go-to events today.

Performing artists included a homecoming reunion set from White Balance amongst featuring artists including Lucy Luxe, Ragebeards, Tee So, along with a B2B tag set from T-Cern and Weebz. With a focus on the hundreds of sub-genres with electronic dance music, our lineup of performing artists has been supported by not only by the Minneapolis music community for some years, but on both a national and international level, all the while actively establishing a successful career in the music industry.

This past Monday, an intimate crowd of concert attendees consisting of friends, industry professionals and music lovers alike born witness to a new perspective of live music as we surrounded the historically, intact tabletops within the Entry. A perspective of live music that has been perceived as a learning environment & implemented into the production of previous events hosted by the Midwest's most prominent EDM DJs & promoters at First Avenue & 7th St Entry, prior to achieving the necessary knowledge & tools to design this archaic structure for our music community over the last three decades, all the while preparing Minnesota for a massive wave of electronic dance music to begin culturing nightclubs everywhere.

The emplacement of the tabletops where the artists performed at LOCAL MOTIV3S within the 7th St. Entry, reinvented a unique element that was implemented into the overall production and performance of each featured artist for concert attendees to perceive a similar style of event production that is known to have been executed by promoters such as Thomas Spiegel, Kevin Cole, Woody McBride, and Jack Trash, amongst many reputable event promoters within the Twin Cities between the years of 1988 and 1997. Since receiving advice to position the production of this event with intent to replicate these historic electronic dance music events that were once held within First Avenue & 7th St. Entry by Woody McBride himself, on behalf of Turntable Talks, we respectfully, value the opportunity to mirror LOCAL MOTIV3S to reflect these mentioned EDM events featured in First Avenue & 7th St. Entry over the last 35 years.

Become a member of the scene with Turntable Talks to Channel into LOCAL MOTIV3S and view our featured fan photos and videos taken from the event here and be sure to keep your eyes on our media platforms for our upcoming series of articles highlighting the history of electronic dance music events within the Twin Cities, the Midwest and beyond.

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