LOCAL MOTIV3S Feat. Interview 07 W/ Mr. Purple

Updated: May 15, 2020

Based in the Twin Cities, Josh Franciscus is keeping the trap alive behind the decks under the alias, Mr. Purple. Having performed at various cities throughout the Midwest including Fargo, ND, and Minneapolis, MN, Mr. Purple showcases his talent throughout each set performed, depicting a colorful sound of trap and dubstep. Since studying sound engineering and music production at the Institute of Production and Recording Downtown Minneapolis, it should go without saying his knowledge in music surpasses the masses. Under the label, King Records, a collective of local Minneapolis bass artists, Mr. Purple has been making headway since generating traction thanks to the likes of his flourishing fan base and encouraging colleagues.

What piqued your interest in LOCAL MOTIV3S when determining if you wanted to perform this gig?

I was excited about the chance to work with a new brand in Minneapolis and saw it as a great opportunity to gain exposure for both parties. I as well love performing at the venue that is being used for this show!

What personally drives you as a performing artist in our Minneapolis music scene?

I would say what motivates me is the music itself! I love almost all the different genres of Bass music. Getting the chance to perform with my own tracks is the best part of a performance for me, along with my own twist of playing out others' music.

While establishing your creative career in the music industry, what is one valuable lesson you’ve taken away that you can share for others aspiring a career in the industry?

Never be too proud. Always take constructive criticism from others and don't take it personally. Stay level headed, don't let play counts or a bunch of gigs get to your head. Stay hungry and humble. Aside from that, Promotion is key in getting your brand out there. You've gotta be branding yourself as much as you can to get your craft out there. Don't wait until the day of a show or the day before to promote. do it consistently, leading up to the event, and the same idea goes for your music! Don't sit around waiting for plays/streams to stack up, hoping someone just finds it. Use as many social media platforms as you can to get yourself heard!

What would you say our current nightlife scene is in need of most right now?

I would say over the last year (in 2019) or so, there was a big problem with respect to patrons attending shows, women specifically. It seemed like almost every weekend there were horrible stories arising from everyone's favorite venues. Since then, I do believe it has taken a turn for the better with groups like Project Peach being there to take a stance against inappropriate behavior. It's nice to see the community come together for something like this and I do believe it's made a big impact in the scene. These People's behaviors have been addressed and dealt with consequently. I think this is the type of energy we need more of as we move forward into 2020 and the following years.

Can you give us any insight into what we can expect from your performance at this event? Are there any tracks, artists, and/or genres/sub-genres of EDM you’re looking forward to mixing that you can share with us?

You can expect a lot of heavy dubstep, some riddim and trap sprinkled in here or there. You will more than likely hear some playouts from Never Say Die Records, Disciple Round Table, music from myself, other Minneapolis locals and ton of underdogs/underground artists that I’ve come across on Soundcloud. The Majority of my set will be some of my favorite tracks as of recently.

Like last year, Aftermath's annual Birthday edition will be celebrating the birthdays of Minneapolis local musicians & industry professionals including Tyler McFly, Owner of Aftermath Event Productions, Joe Parisi AKA GOEY, otherwise known as Joey-P, along with Adam Lain, from Adam Lain Music and the Matt Schatza Trio, and Alexa Gerard, our Owner here at Turntable Talks and the brains behind LOCAL MOTIV3S, a recently introduced event series here in the Twin Cities!

Be sure to catch Mr. Purple behind the decks at the Lab alongside a lineup of headlining, Minneapolis DJs and producers including RedShoes b2b with primal, FVCK BUDDIES, Thred, GHOSTEATER, and Nicki Stebbs! In the meantime, check out our playlist featuring performing artists set to DJ at this weekend's birthday festivities! 🎶

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