LOCAL MOTIV3S Feat. Interview 04 W/ Weebz

Updated: Dec 7, 2019

Originating from California, Weebz has witnessed first hand, the upcoming of the underground electronic dance music scene before festivals such as Coachella began to emerge into the music industry. Weebz, also known as Mitchel Webber, is a student studying Live Sound at the Institute of Production and Recording, downtown Minneapolis. During his early years of college, Weebz started getting into spinning music live and with his apparent sound influenced by the city of Minneapolis, ensuring a gritty, raw, intense sound that is unmatched within the current circle of elite DJs in the city. After almost five years of performing live and over 10 years of being a musician, Weebz has a bright future lit by lasers and LEDs.

What piqued your interest in LOCAL MOTIV3S when determining if you wanted to perform this gig?

I just love to perform live and am always down to play for anyone, honestly, music is just a huge passion of mine.

What personally drives you as a performing artist in our Minneapolis music scene?

Definitely my love for music.

While establishing your creative career in the music industry, what is one valuable lesson you’ve taken away that you can share for others aspiring a career in the industry?

Always believe in yourself.

What would you say our current nightlife scene is in need of most right now?

I feel like there's more hate being discussed than there is music. We gotta support each other more.

Can you give us any insight on what to expect from your performance on Monday Night? Are there any tracks, artists, and/or genres/sub-genres of EDM you’re looking forward to mixing that you can share with us?

You'll have to come to see for yourself. It's our first time doing a B2B live so we are planning some great stuff. I have some dope music to play and T-Cern always comes with the heat.

Be sure to catch Weebz tag with T-Cern B2B behind the decks, in the 7th St. Entry at LOCAL MOTIV3S, alongside a lineup of headlining artists including White Balance, Lucy Luxe, Ragebeards, and Tee So!

to enter for your chance to win tickets to the show, RSVP on our event registry via the link below! ✔️

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http://bit.ly/Get-Your-Tickets-to-LOCAL-MOTIV3S 🎶

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