LOCAL MOTIV3S FEAT. Interview 01 W/ T-Cern

Updated: May 15, 2020

T-Cern is an electronic dance music DJ and producer with a focus on dubstep and trap. With four years of experience performing at venues within the Midwest including downtown Minneapolis, MN, and Fargo, North Dakota, it should go without saying, T-Cern's Talent has been certified and supported by the likes of the local dubstep and trap scene here within the Twin Cities.

Since having reached No. 4 on “Hot & New” dubstep on Soundcloud charts within only minutes of being released, T-Cern has been busy in the lab investing his time producing unreleased music we're ready and eager to hear him perform at the debut of LOCAL MOTIV3S! Make sure to catch one of his high energy performances, including his B2B tag set alongside weebz at LOCAL MOTIV3S in the 7th St. Entry at First Avenue, Monday, December 2nd!

In the meantime, check out our interview with T-Cern, the first of a series of flash interviews featuring performing artists on LOCAL MOTIV3S lineup!

What piqued your interest in LOCAL MOTIV3S when determining if you wanted to perform this gig?

It really comes down to the main driver of the LOCAL MOTIV3S, Alexa Gerard! I’ve been good friends with her for a few years now and I have backed her company, Turntable Talks, and fully support the movement!

What personally drives you as a performing artist in our Minneapolis music scene?

Music can be an outlet to people in many ways, shapes, or forms. Music has been the one thing that can always cheer me up, make me happy, and help me overcome a lot of life’s obstacles. As an artist in the local community, it’s our duty to take the crowd and fans on a ride show them & what you’re all about. What really drives me is wanting to share the passion and emotion behind the music I make through the tracks I release and the sets I perform.

While establishing your creative career in the music industry, what is one valuable lesson you’ve taken away that you can share for others aspiring a career in the industry?

Content. Content. Content. Since we live in a modern world with millions of people, who all want so many things, and importantly, they want all of this quickly. In my experience, I've learned it's best to release material, pump out content and play as many gigs as you can.

What would you say our current nightlife scene is in need of most right now?

I would say our current nightlife scene needs PLUR to come back! There can be so much drama and bad vibes in this industry. people need to focus more on the music, trade Kandi, and live by the mantra, peace, love, unity, and respect.

Can you give us any insight on what to expect from your performance on Monday Night? Are there any tracks, artists, and/or genres/sub-genres of EDM you’re looking forward to mixing that you can share with us?

For starters, you will be hearing a few unreleased tunes of mine. I have been really digging playing a lot of throwbacks from artists like Flux Pavillion to Skrillex. I also have some new material from the Never Say Die label and Disciple that I'm looking forward to mixing.

Be sure to catch T-Cern tag B2B with WEEBZ on the decks in the 7th St. Entry at LOCAL MOTIV3S while they heat up the dance floor for other headlining artists including White Balance, Lucy Luxe, Ragebeards, and Tee So!

to enter for your chance to win tickets to the show, RSVP on our event registry via the link below! ✔️

http://bit.ly/LOCALMOTIV3S-Event-Registry 🎶

To purchase tickets to the show today, click the link below! 🔽

http://bit.ly/Get-Your-Tickets-to-LOCAL-MOTIV3S 🎶

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