The Floozies

Updated: May 13, 2020

Born in Lawrence, Kansas, brothers Matt and Mark Hill are reinventing everything we ever knew about Electronic Dance Music. Founded in 2008, the two Electro-Funk producers brought The Floozies to life. Their soul crafted tempo was inspired by their jazz influenced parents. Growing up on guitar and drums, Matt and Mark found a way to collaborate their talent with computer generated beats that give them their unique, fresh feel to the EDM scene.

The power house duo has managed to bring a new perspective of Funk to light, establishing a name for themselves as well as all electronic genres. The Floozies have featured in numerous amounts of festivals across the country, acclaimed for their contemporary-funk inspired tracks. These brothers have a way of giving off such empowering energies throughout each performance, using their music to vibe with their fans.

Throughout the evolution of Electronic music, The Floozies continue to set trends. The Floozies have carried out their distinguished rhythm now represented by Griz. In 2013, the album, ‘Tell Your Mother’ was the first LP released on Griz’s label, Liberated Music. This established a significant stepping stone for the label and has exhibited a new sense of direction in the growing Electronic Dance Genres.

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