EPiSODE 004 Captivates the 7th St. Entry with a Psychedelic Live Music Experience

EPiSODE 004, an eccentric and artistic event series was conducted by L&H Entertainment, an up and coming event production company in the great metropolis of the Twin Cities. held downtown Minneapolis in the 7th St. Entry this past Saturday, December 21st, EPiSODE 004 was a night to remember. Though it may have been a brisk winter night, things were certainly heating up in the iconic music venue, as performing artists of the evening provoked the youthful minds of the twin cities, engaging them with various, unique subgenres of psychedelic bass music amongst the visually captivating presentation of digital art and live painting.

Amidst the live music performances creating a fusion of art, canvas paintings were being created onsite, adding an enjoyable element to the evening's futuristic mood with their cosmic paintings. As staggering lights and imagery enveloped the performing DJs, numerous creative individuals worked their spectral magic, creating a series of psychedelic visuals and sounds to enhance an elevated live music event production set up emplaced for the crowd to appreciate. Loom in Essence depicted a unique and stimulating, opening performance upon the conclusion of entrancing sets performed by featured local, show-stopping talent including Decoded and Treebone. Kandor, of the Live Stream Group, "Bhump Day", also graced the stage with an out-of-this-world digital visual display across the stage backdrop, crafted by WNDOWNDOW, amongst Minneapolis’s own, Nicholas Voltaggio, added to the overall futuristic mood with live his cosmic paintings.

Towards the end of the night, Minneapolis witnessed a stellar headlining, reunion performance on the historic 7th St. Entry-stage. Twin Cities Native, EDM producers, Jacob Penn (Mumukshu) and Nathan Wexler (Shwex), a most talented sound designer, once again served us a worthwhile collaboration set in the 7th St. Entry thanks to the likes of L&H Entertainment. As they have done so previously in August of 2018 at L&H Entertainment's first event in the 7th St. Entry. After taking a hiatus to go on to study audio design in Washington State, Shwex is back in Minneapolis, proving with his talented performance alongside Mumukshu, back from LA, for their reunion collaborative set, outstandingly depicted their hunger to bring forth this fresh new sound of bass music being performed as they closed out the event with their highly anticipated performance.

During the time Shwex spent in Washington, Penn was pursuing a career with a company called “Out Put” in the city of angels, infamously known otherwise as LA. Thanks to the likes of streaming platforms providing a rapidly growing fanbase, these headlining artists have shown flourishing creative careers working side by side harmoniously since graduating together from Hopkins High School, in a near west Minneapolis suburb back in 2011. Penn's focus on the engaging experience of the intersection of art, technology, and music in conjunction with Wexler's genre-bending experimental electronic beats made them a great addition to Infrasound Music Festival's lineup backdating to 2012. They also respectfully, made headway at the three-day Coalesce Festival in Richmond, California sharing the Craneway Pavilion stage with big psychedelic names such as Tipper, Liquid, Two-Fingers, and Spoonbill. Needless to say, the last gasps of 2018 were tuned in and drowned out by their breathtaking, melodic sound designs of dub and psychedelic bass during both their individual and collaborative performances at the three day New Year’s Eve festival back in December of 2018.

Throughout the evening, you could find most patrons swaying to the rhythm of the music, chatting amongst one another, or gazing in admiration at the mesmerizing shapes and patterns within the stage’s visuals or the vendors’ artwork. L&H Entertainment's fourth installment of their event series successfully entranced the populated number of concert attendees in the 7th St. Entry, leaving us with an incredible time spent on Saturday night, especially considering the ticket prices were more than affordable. Overall, EPiSODE 004 was an experience of live music and talent within a venue that radiated abstract energy one would only feel at L&H Entertainment’s events held within the 7th St. Entry.

📸: Spencer Tuttrup