Cristina Soto Acoustically Revisits Her Breakout Hit with Tritonal, "Still With Me"

Updated: Jun 27, 2020

Based out of Austin, TX, Cristina Soto is a singer/songwriter and live performer for cross-genre vocal projects, largely known for her work in EDM. She is trained in opera, jazz, musical theater, and gospel vocals and plays multiple instruments.

As the original vocalist for power-duo ​Tritonal​, Cristina’s ethereal tones and heady lyrics played an instrumental role in bringing their melodic, yet progressive trance to the forefront of the dance music scene.

With over a dozen songs in their joint discography, the capstone of “Tritonal ft. Cristina Soto” collaborations are the classic, “Still With Me,” remixed by ​Seven Lions​. In 2014, Cristina released “One Thing” with ​Psymbionic​, and it went big on ​Bassnectar’s “Into The Sun”​ mixtape in the summer of 2015. She also collaborated with ​Illenium & Said The Sky​ on their melodic dubstep song “Painted White.”

Today, Cristina Soto will revisit ​Seven Lions’ remix of her breakout hit with Tritonal, "Still With Me,” with an acoustic mix.

The acoustic mix pulls from the driving remix vibes of Seven Lions while taking on its very own shape through the open and epic guitars played by Cristina’s brother, Rob Soto. Strings from Haydn Vitera and bass from Omar Vallejo (two Austin music legends) breathe new life into a classic approaching its 10-year release anniversary.

This song means so much to both Cristina and Tritonal, original collaborators and friends after all these years. The acoustic rendition captures both essences: to slow down and be with those you love, as well as the energy and drops of the melodic, EDM versions.

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