Cofresi & Megan Hamilton Make Magic with “Patience”

Updated: May 13, 2020

Producers Cofresi & Megan Hamilton release their buttery, bass-forward track “Patience” on March 6 after debuting it live on their co-headline tour this past fall. Megan’s lyrics convey what most have found all too familiar - feelings of falling short in a relationship. Cofresi expands on the story by way of instrumentals, with wavy synths and subtle bass textures that evoke raw emotion.

“As soon as I got the vocals back from Megan for this track, I knew we had a special collaboration on our

hands. Her execution and style are unique and both lend themselves to the instrumental and surrounding

production. Can’t wait to release this tune and share it with our fans,” says Cofresi.

COFRESI pushes the boundaries of modern performance and production with a hybrid style and a

refreshingly versatile live DJ/digital-acoustic drum setup. In the studio, he creates a unique sound that is

provocative, melodic & rhythmic at its core. His live sets are full of energy as he showcases a unique

ability to incorporate multidimensional digital and acoustic percussion into modern electronic music.

Megan Hamilton is a well-equipped rocket in the electronic orbit: her mix of hypnotic bass, funky riffs, and

house grooves push the envelope with each track. As both a producer & vocalist with hip hop roots, she’s

able to spin toplines atop beats at the flip of a technicolored hat. Megan’s anything-goes approach to

music lends her the ability to create a color storm of magic in her Minneapolis studio.

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