AC Slater: Saved by the Beat

Updated: May 13, 2020

Aaron Clevenger, more prominently known as AC Slater is defining the evolution of house music. Born and bred in West Virginia, at age 14 Aaron picked up a hobby that would eventually pave the path to a promising career. Before even graduating high school, Aaron was playing back to back sets at local block parties. All it took was one set to give him the break he needed. With talent as obvious as his, it was just a matter of time before he linked up with the label, Trouble and Bass, in 2008. After countless sets taking place at grimey, underground warehouses in New York, AC Slater’s time was starting to pay off.

Not even a year later, AC Slater established Party Like Us Records. He has since then signed artists such as ETC!ETC!, the Hip Hop odyssey, Dell Harris, Clicks & Whistles, and B.Rich. Over the course of 5 years AC Slater has over 100 tracks and remixes featured on Beatport. AC Slater’s variety of house and UK garage-like style has acquired the credit he so highly deserves. AC Slater has collaborated with respected artists such as Far East Movement, Big Sean, and Robin S. With over 10 EP’s released such as ‘Believe Me’, ‘3001’, and ‘Right Now’ that features a remix with Talk; AC Slater provides his fans a variety of tracks to tune in to and get down with.

Across the world, AC Slater’s melodic rhythm has flooded the underground scene with bass bumpin', hard house music. AC Slater has received raving reviews from respected sources such as KISS FM, BBC Radio, and other hailing critics. The recognition AC Slater has earned has only ignited what is yet to come.

At the pace AC Slater has been rapidly moving at can reassure you’ll be seeing more of him here in the electronic dance music industry.  AC Slater will provide you nothing but a great show, breaking down the beats you came to hear. With his heavy basslines and rave worthy synths and breaks, AC Slater provides a future house feel to evbeat he drops. Expect nothing less than a night you won’t forget.

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