Brand ambassadors will learn effective promotional tactics with a focus on digital marketing while achieving resume-worthy experience working with clients & colleagues consisting of elite promoters, artists & industry professionals as a whole. As we continue to harness the advancing technologies this digital age has brought to life, team members will be trained to fully understand what we do & why it’s so imperative for creative individuals working in the music industry.

Members while on our team will hold different roles consisting of journalists, photographers, & project managers, at Turntable Talks, everyone is an ambassador of our brand! As a brand ambassador, you will embody our brand identity in values, ethics, demeanor & appearance. This means you believe in supporting artist advocacy & equality, the significance of music education, & the music community’s principle moral foundation in longevity.


  1. Appreciation for concerts, music, artists, industry professionals & fans alike.

  2. Must be a site member with Turntable Talks (or otherwise, obliged to sign up to become a member when prompted) to access our web & mobile user interfaces designed for both our site members & team members.

  3. Daily access to email, our web application & platform on the Wix app via Android / Apple

Role Summary